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You are indispensable to Canadian healthcare

We find ourselves in uncertain times.

We are in the midst of a global pandemic. As the number of new cases rise, panic and fear spread throughout our communities. To prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus, Canadians are retreating to the safety of their homes.

But not you.

You, Canada's medical laboratory professionals, are leaving the safety of your homes and doing what you do best for the health of our entire country.

Whether you work in public health labs directly working on detecting this virus;

Whether you work in hospitals, supporting the care of those stricken with the disease;

Whether you work in public or private labsensuring the continuity of patient care. Just because we're fighting a new battle, doesn't mean the others have stopped. Cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and other infectious diseases have not taken a break, and neither have you.

You are not retreating.

Our profession has long been unseen, but in this difficult time, let us show the country that the lab is not just a support service for doctors or a line item in a healthcare budget. It is not resources diverted away from patient care.

The lab is patient care. You are patient care.

The precision, the professionalism, the dedication that lab professionals bring to the task at hand will be part of the reason Canada prevails.

Your passion and perseverance will be a light in the darkness of fear and insecurity.

You will push back this pandemic. And the next one.

That is what lab professionals do. That is what we do, because WE ARE LAB.

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